Saturday, July 04, 2020

By the Numbers

What it costs us to provide no-cost care
to our patients:
$42 – the average cost of a patient visit.
$473 – the average cost spent on each patient in a year’s time.
$1,817 – the cost to operate the entire clinic for one day.

How to help

You can support M.O.M. in many ways. 


We welcome your prayers for M.O.M., our patients, and our staff and volunteers.




We welcome donations of any size whether monthly, periodic or one-time. All donations are tax-deductible. You can donate online.



In-Kind Donations

We are able to accept medication donations from the public as long as the seal has not been broken or the medicine has not been opened. We cannot accept expired or opened medication. Additionally, we appreciate the gifts of medical or office supplies, computer support and other  goods and services that might benefit M.O.M. To make                                         in-kind donations, please contact our office by calling (334) 281-8008 or emailing                               


M.O.M. operates with the assistance of a small full-time staff. Additional staffing is provided by community volunteers who work in areas ranging from office support and patient screening to hands-on patient care. All volunteers receive training for their positions in the clinic. Please see our complete list of volunteer                                         categories for ways that you can participate.
We welcome the opportunity to talk to individuals, church groups, or other organizations interested in volunteering or in partnering with this ministry. Please call us at (334) 281-8008 or email

Request a Speaker

If your organization would like to request a speaker from Medical Outreach to  share more about our work, please contact Nancy Hogan at (334) 281-8008, or email us at

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